Products & Spare Parts

How/where can I purchase spare parts?

A: You can contact the original store of purchase to check the availability of spare parts. If they do not have them available and are not able to order them in, you can check with your nearest stockist. You can find your nearest stockist by visiting www.pondone.com.au/find-a-stockist

Replacement & Warranty:

How can I receive a replacement under warranty?

A: Please ensure you read the terms of warranty carefully.

As per your manufacturers' warranty, all claims for repair or replacement must be made at the original store of purchase with your proof of purchase. A replacement will only be issued if the product is unable to be repaired.

Instruction Manual:

The instructions aren't clear, who can I speak to?

A: Your retailer can help and guide you through the instructions. If they are unable to assist you, you can contact our customer care team via our enquiry form

Purchase Pond One's Products:

Can I buy directly from Pond One?

A: Pet One products are available Australia wide. To find your nearest retailer please visit our website www.pondone.com.au/find-a-stockist


Where can I forward my feedback?

A: Kong‘s Australia is an Australian owned company and a wholesaler and developer of quality, value for money products to care for your pets. At Kong's we know that your pets are members of your family, as they are in ours. The company aims to continue to be a leader in the pet industry and is continually searching for ways to improve its products and expand its range. Your feedback is fundamental to our company and we welcome all feedback. You can contact our customer care team via our enquiry form.

Can’t find the answer to your enquiry?

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